This About Us page is not about "Us" it's about YOU!

The Good Food Project is an initiative for the people of the UK who want cleaner and more ethically sourced food as well as safer and better quality household cleaning and personal care products.

We want greater food autonomy and self sustainability.

We want to leverage the power of our combined purchasing power to negotiate the best deals and prices whilst supporting smaller businesses, farmers and growers who share our ethos and values.

We want to grow more of our own food in our back gardens and in our local communities as well as investing in land.

We want to make our own food and other products in our own commercial premises to provide more security of supply and quality in an uncertain world.

We want to create good jobs for good people to service our members in highly efficient customer-centric hubs located in major regions throughout the UK.

This is Pure People Power. Join us!

The World is What WE Make it!