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Large Veg Box
Stefanie Jeske
Good variety!

I love these veg boxes, I wouldn’t want to be without them anymore. Good variety of seasonal veg, it’s like a surprise box when it comes, and we’ve ended up trying out so many wonderful veggies we’d never tried before.

Any idea of the weight?

Does anyone know the weight of these?

Great quality

When friends come for dinner they love this mince! We had a home made cottage pie at a friend's house recently. It was supermarket mince and the difference was huge! This has so much more flavour and texture.

Great flavour

We recently had supermarket chicken legs at a friend's house. They were verging on tasteless compared to these. Beautiful, succulent and full of flavour!

We love these!

I buy these every week. Great quality and great taste.

Great quality

We can't get ghee where I live and certainly not organic ghee. I was so glad to see this added to the stock list and am very happy with it. Using it all the time to fry in.

Great quality

Very happy with it :)


This is my first time buying granola. It is absolutely delicious!


Bursting with flavour. I would definitely recommend trying them.

looks can be deceiving

I'm so used to seeing the perfect-looking but tasteless mangoes on the supermarket shelves.
I decided to try the Good Food Project's mangoes, to compare. These mangoes won't win a beauty contest with their irregular shapes and sizes, but they taste absolutely delicious! Packed with flavour. I would definitely recommend trying them.


Just the right amount of fat. Slow roasted, juicy and tender and sufficient for a Sunday roast for our family of 4.

Delicious honey

Enjoying adding to smoothies, spreading on toast and eating off a spoon 😋

Best shampoo ever used

I'm very fussy with shampoo and have been for years and find it difficult to find one that doesn't leave my hair like straw and makes it feel clean with no residue. I have found my perfect match

Good Product

I enjoyed the oat pasta a lot. I thought it would be a bit dense and heavy but it wasn’t. Would purchase again.


Lovely flavour and quality

Lovely dates

Have been buying them for a while, very tasty. And they aren’t from the USA where they normally come from. With the GMOs prevailing i don’t buy any foods from the other side of the pond.


Really like this stuffing, tastes delicious.

Very nice bread highly recommended

Excellent in every way!

Welcome back to the old customer care, of how it used be!
Quite simply the best thing to happen us, regarding purchasing food !
Service is second to none, price's are very competitive, food is great quality and fresh, and delivery is prompt, what more is there to say!
If you are in any doubt, don't be, this is what you've been waiting for!

Thank you Steve for this lifeline. x

Lovely product

Great tasting rice.

Great oil so many uses

Love this oil. Use it for cooking, in salads and for making homemade cosmetics.

Five Seed Tin - par baked.

This bread is amazing. It only takes 10 mins to bake in the oven. It is as fresh a bread as you can imagine. Game changer. I order two each week and keep the second one in the fridge until I’m ready to bake it. Excellent.

Belvoir Ginger cordial

Delicious yum yum 😆❤️