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Barbara O'Neill

Self Heal By Design - By Barbara O'Neill

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The body can self heal by its very design, and you can design a program that will enable the body to do the very thing it was made to do - heal itself.

A child of the 60s and 70s revolution. the author Barbara O'Neill, started her working life as a hairdresser, then a psychiatric nurse, lived as a hippie, birthed six children, studied naturopathy and nutrition, became a stepmother of two more children and worked as a health director at two Australian Health and Wellness retreats.

Barbara's experience, knowledge and common sense style of lecturing have made her a popular and sought after speaker in Australia and internationally. This easy to read book is packed with information that enables the reader to intelligently embrace a lifestyle that works with the body's amazing ability to heal itself, when given the right conditions.

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For those living the USA, you can buy it from her daughter here

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Customer Reviews

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Self heal by design by Barbara O’Neill

Fantastic book, practical and interesting ideas for a healthy lifestyle.


Arrived in perfect condition. I've not read this yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.

Alexandru Daschevici

Anyone should have this book!


As described

Knowledge is power

Amazing lady and an amazing book. Wealth of information in the book and from her seminars, which I was so fortunate to attend. I even ended up going to Misty Mountain and the experience was phenomenal. Wonderful couple, Michael's book is very informative as well, definitely worth a read. To say Thank you to them both, just doesn't seem enough, such genuine lovely people who care. Healthiest I have ever felt in my life and 50 years Type I Diabetic.

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