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Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature (PREORDER) Body Wash - 5L

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This natural hair and body care range is made with carefully selected combinations of natural aromatherapy essential oils and herbal extracts in a pure vegetable base. Take a look at what these wonderful, genuinely natural, additive free body wash can do for you.

  • Made in the UK
  • Gently and naturally cleansing, recommended for sensitive skin
  • Free from artificial fragrances, petro-chemical based ingredients, SLES and synthetic preservatives
  • Animal cruelty-free
  • Vegan friendly

Buy in bulk to save money and reduce packaging waste.


Special therapeutic aromatherapy bath products can lower stress levels. The pure regenerative aloe vera gel soothes away the day’s wrinkles, easing your body and mind at the same time.


A luxurious natural and vegan friendly shower gel and foam bath with a delicious aroma of coconut. Fabulously tropical and created using natural ingredients, good for your body and the planet.



This bodywash is infused with dragon fruit extract, to help cleanse the skin and leave it bursting with a fruity aroma.


This wonderfully uplifting and fruity body wash is bursting with citrus fruit flavours to energise your day. Made with a blend of natural grapefruit and orange, known for their cleansing qualities. Contains sweet orange oil, glycerine and natural vitamin E.


The calming benefits of this bodywash uses pure French lavender oil and balancing geranium oil to soothe, balance and relax both mind and body, while gently enriching the skin.


This body wash contains wild harvested seaweed which is known for its antioxidant qualities and, paired with an aromatic lemon to refresh the senses while effectively and gently cleansing skin.

All fragrance ingredients are 100% natural in origin meaning you aren’t rinsing nasty chemicals down the plughole when washing your hair.


This is an exceptional cleanser, antiseptic and tonic, that will make you tingle and zing. Due to tea trees natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, it has the ability to deeply cleanse, removing bacteria, fighting the effects of grease and pollution, and as the tea tree is combined with orange and lime oils, the fragrance is fresh and subtle too. Go ahead - indulge yourself.


This body wash harnesses the rejuvenating benefits of rosehip oil to take care of your body. This beautifully scented body wash will help cleanse your skin, leaving you clean and feeling refreshed.

Customer Reviews

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Rona L
great product

I've used Faith in Nature for a while, pleased to get it at such a great price

× Ingredients:
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    × Ingredients:
    Cornflour (74.5%), sunflower oil, chilli mix (4%) (salt, paprika, garlic, onion, sugar, coriander, chilli, fenugreek, lovage).
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    × Ingredients:
    Cornflour* (77%), sunflower oil*, sea salt (0.8%)
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    × Ingredients:
    Wheat flour (66%), water, rapeseed oil, cane sugar, sea salt, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, acidifier: lactic acid, rice extract, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, spices.
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    × Ingredients:
    Water, Corn Starch*, Natural Rice Sourdough* (Rice Flour*, Water), Millet Flakes*, Linseed Flour*, Sunflower Oil*, Corn Flour*, Rice Flour*, Psyllium Seed Husks*, Pea Protein, Dextrose*, Sea Salt, Yeast*, Thickener: Guar Gum*, Xanthan Gum, Spices* *= Certified Organic Ingredients