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Hugh Grierson Organic

Organic Free Range Chicken Oysters - 250G

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There are 2 little pockets of dark organic meat on the underside of your chicken at the top of each thigh. They’re the pieces you pop out with your fingers once you’ve carved your roast chicken, the cook’s treat. Tender and perfect sized to make a chicken stew, we leave the skin on to enhance the flavour. Make a curry, or a risotto, or even a chicken and rice pilaf, they’re a perfect carrier for spicy stronger flavours, and they’re very chickeny tasting.

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Customer Reviews

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This was not at all what I expected. There was so much fat and skin and even some feathers attached; it took me over an hour to trim it all. Also I only saw half a dozen pieces (in four packs) that actually resembled the oysters, the remaining pieces just looked like random off-cuts. The end result was tasty but I would not go through that effort and expense again. Disappointed.

a tasty little cut

I was initially disappointed when I seen the size of the packet as it seemed quite small. However I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to turn these tasty little cuts into chicken fajita's for 3. I realise now that we are so used to oversized packaging that we think a product is small when its not presented in excessive packaging! lesson learned and I will defiantly buy these again.

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