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io fibrewater Lemon & Lime - 12 x 500ML

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ió fibrewater is an award-winning naturally flavoured prebiotic water that's a first of its kind in the UK. Created by three friends on a mission to provide an easy and tasty way to boost gut health & wellbeing, each bottle of ió fibrewater provides 100% of the daily recommended prebiotics intake and 20% of the recommended daily fibre intake. ió fibrewater is completely clear in appearance like regular flavoured water, but unlike most flavoured waters, we're naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened. In fact, we're 100% natural. So, there's nothing negative for your gut or health in any of our drinks! We’re suitable for vegans, gluten-free, and high in fibre – with just 17 kcal, 6g of carbs, and 0.8g of sugars per bottle!

Prebiotics are the ‘special food’ that feed our friendly gut bacteria! Think of them as the natural fertiliser for your good gut bugs. Prebiotics help them to flourish and grow, which creates a healthier gut microbiome. One particular prebiotic stands out – chicory root fibre (inulin). It’s a natural prebiotic, rich in dietary fibre, and it is what we use to give ió fibrewater a prebiotic punch! 

Regular intake of prebiotics is linked to the following health benefits:

  • Appetite regulation (an improved sense of satiety and feeling fuller for longer)
  • Improved mineral absorption (for calcium and magnesium)
  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Improved sleep & mood
  • Improved functioning of the immune system
  • A reduction in pathogenic (aka ‘bad’) bacteria
  • Better bowel regularity and prevention against constipation
  • Protective effects against colorectal cancer, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

ió fibrewater is a delicious and refreshing way to feed your gut and do good for yourself each day! Our bottles are made from 25% recycled plastic, and they are 100% recyclable and BPA-free, as are our caps. It is our aim as a brand to be packaged in 100% fully recycled plastic or plant-based plastic by 2024.

Also available in Strawberry flavour. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynn Holt

Lovely - subtle citrus flavour and really refreshing, especially when chilled!

Alyssa Reid
This is no ordinary water... It's magic water!

Firstly, I love the taste. I normally don't like flavoured water,but this water is really different. It's prefreshing with no horrible aftertaste, and has no added sugar or sweeteners and is all-natural ingredients.

Within a few days my struggles with IBS disappeaed. I'm sleeping better, my mood is better and my appetite is less.(All of which corresponds to studies on prebiotics,too).

I can only describe it as feeling more balanced.

Try it! You may find it changes nges your life, like it has mine, my husband, daughter and even our 3 year old granddaughter loves the water,too.

× Ingredients:

Lemon & Lime 

Filtered water, chicory root fibre (inulin), erythritol, non-GMO corn fibre, flavourings, acidity regulator: citric acid, Sicilian lemon oil, sweetener: steviol glycosides (from Stevia)


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    × Ingredients:
    Cornflour (74.5%), sunflower oil, chilli mix (4%) (salt, paprika, garlic, onion, sugar, coriander, chilli, fenugreek, lovage).
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    × Ingredients:
    Cornflour* (77%), sunflower oil*, sea salt (0.8%)
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    × Ingredients:
    Wheat flour (66%), water, rapeseed oil, cane sugar, sea salt, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, acidifier: lactic acid, rice extract, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, spices.
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    × Ingredients:
    Water, Corn Starch*, Natural Rice Sourdough* (Rice Flour*, Water), Millet Flakes*, Linseed Flour*, Sunflower Oil*, Corn Flour*, Rice Flour*, Psyllium Seed Husks*, Pea Protein, Dextrose*, Sea Salt, Yeast*, Thickener: Guar Gum*, Xanthan Gum, Spices* *= Certified Organic Ingredients